Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday pictures and some explanations...

Here  is a wide angle as she is resting comfortably today.
As you can see the large tube into her right nostril is how she is breathing.  She has a smaller tube in her left nostril that is being used as a stack vent to remove gas and air from her stomach.     
Here is a close up of the right side bracket with 2 pins on each side.  The break in her jaw is between the pins so as they adjust .5mm each morning and each evening so her jaw will continue to grow.
The pin sites are kept very clean with several cleanings per day, and her sites look great.
She just looks plain cute here...even with all that junk.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Sweet baby! No wonder you can't come home right away!! We are praying - Gabrielle always remembers :)

  2. Oh Precious Faith! I agree that last picture of you is more than just plain cute. It is BEAUTIFUL! I love those chubby thighs, too. Wish I could give them love pinches. I used to have eyebrows just like yours when I was little, but with blonde hair.

    I pray for you, and send you hugs and kisses and wishes for pain free days and nights and quick healing.

  3. Awwweee... she is so cute! I love these pics of Faithy. Yay God for the medical miracles :) Thanks for posting these Brad -- I absolutley LOVE seeing her. xo and misses from all us Richards; we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU Faith!

  4. You are a cutie Faith - even with all the stuff on! A nice chunky girl too. (And I say that with admiration!) Praying for you today, as always. :)