Friday, March 25, 2011

Being Held by Momma

Faith was held by her momma today which was the first time in almost 3 weeks.  She is slowly weaning off of both oxygen and sedatives.  Because she had such heavy doses of sedatives, she has an addiction which needs to be slowly lowered.  If they drop the meds to quickly, she will start shaking so they give her doses at that point.  The med levels have dropped quite a bit, but they were quite high.  The amazing thing...Faith is sleeping without many moments awake on a much lower dose of sedatives.  Jesi thinks the breathing tube would disturb her to the point she awoke when on the higher doses.  They continue to pound on her in order to loosen up the junk in her chest.  It will be good to get her completely off the meds because she can help by coughing the stuff up.  Jesi is still in the hospital with Faith since we have had sickness here all week, I was not able to trade with her.  We don't want Faith to get anything from me, but we also cannot have Jesi getting sick by coming home because then she couldn't go back.  Hmmmm...maybe we could trade, then if she couldn't go back, I could have her take my place selling commercials.   That could be fun to watch.


  1. LOL! Have fun Mom! Miss you and I cannot wait to see you! Get well soon Faith!


  2. Oh Jesi I am so happy you were finally able to hold Faith! I know you must have been aching to do so! And she probably wondered what was going on! Faith - you're too young for addictions - hope you get over it quickly sweet girl!