Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cough Assist to the Rescue

Faith has been receiving "cough assist" help.  It is a system of air pushing and pulling to help make Faith cough.  As always with her, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  She continues to recover.  Her hemoglobin is low which is making her pale, but they are only watching it as it is not low enough to do anything at this point.  The weaning process continues as she is now off the high flow air and using a cannula with about 2 liters of oxygen which is not terribly high and mixes with her normal breathing.  She is still quite junky and working a little to breath as she needs to cough and shake this stuff out.  It is loose, and they continue to pound her back to help it keep loosening.  Her CO2 is in a good place too.  I am disappointed that Jesi has no entertaining hospital stories to tell.  I think the only silver lining to being kept out of the hospital this weekend due to my recent sickness is that I did not have to listen to the Michigan skunk bears (wolverines) making fun of my Buckeyes for their terrible shooting performance last night against Kentucky.  Well, I had to hear them in the background of our phone conversations, but that was it.


  1. Hi Faith!
    sorry I haven't posted a comment in a couple of days but this silly compooter messes up after I have typed my blog and done all sorts of 'dancing acts' to get it posted...only for the message to disappear. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!
    But please know that I read your blog every night with Lilly's and pray for you every night along with Lilly.
    I am so happy that your Mommy got to hold you.
    Best medicine for both of you!
    I am glad you are on a cannula and coming off of those sedatives.

    I keep trying to compliment those GORGEOUS BLUE EYES AND EYELASHES. (talk about the late Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. Baby, she has nothing on you!) those are real killer eyes if I ever saw any.

    You are a beautiful angel and I look forward to more pictures.

    XOXO and prayers.
    Lilly's Aunt Shisshy

  2. Jesi's probably disappointed she doesn't have any interesting stories to tell too! Keep up the good work Faith! Small steady steps toward home and freedom! :)
    (My husband is unhappy with Kentucky too - they just beat the Tarheels.)