Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pizza Dough (Day 25)

Faith has been worked over like pizza dough in a pizza shop.  They have been doing a lot of pounding and proning her to help get the lungs cleared out.  The pulmonologist wanted to get her put back on the BIPAP while sleeping to help open up her lungs, but Jesi asked to wait until Monday to see how she does once she is completely off of the sedatives.  The doctor agreed so if her lungs aren't opening enough by Monday, we will pull out the dreaded BIPAP at least temporarily.  The good thing is we know they will have to lower the settings quite a bit so maybe it won't be like a wind tunnel.  Jesi just called and surprise Faith is prone and Jesi is pounding her back.  And, this just in, we won't use a BIPAP because the ENT won't allow it with the jaw distraction...duh...this makes sense so we will use the high flow if she needs a little help opening up.  The high flow attaches to her nose where the BIPAP is a mask that would put pressure on her jaw as it wraps around the back of her head to be held on her face.  Overall she had a good day of therapy and recovery, and we continue to see improvement.

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  1. We would hope they would not put a BIPAP on with that jaw distraction! I cannot wait to see you!