Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting rid of congestion...

Faith and I are spending the weekend together; although, her mom and siblings will be coming later today.  Faith is still trying to get the congestion out.  The 2 strains of flu have tried to keep her down, but she is fighting them off as the Spirit of God is within her.  We will likely keep her intubated until at least Monday as she recovers completely.  I too am still getting the junk out of my chest and have been fighting this thing for the last 2 weeks as has Faith.  Yesterday was my first day of truly feeling better so I expect she will hit the same stage soon.  Faith and I are using our time to study and learn more about John Dewey, the father of American public education.  If you have never read about this guy, you should.  This man's beliefs are frightening and he has been very successful at pushing his views on all of us.

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  1. Congestion is tough! But as I pray for my Lilly to breathe easier, I am praying the same for Faith. As you well know Faith is such a strong little blessing from God! And you and your family are blessings to us - thank you for your prayers for us and Lilly and about her surgery issue.
    As for John Dewey - we agree his beliefs are frightening! Thank God homeschooling is legal right now.