Monday, March 14, 2011

Doctor visit today

Dr. Green, who did the surgery, stopped by to see Faith today.  Everything looks good.  The plan was to have her breathing tube removed on Monday in the OR; however, he may want to change the plan.  It is possible the breathing tube could be removed as early as THIS Thursday.  That would be an absolute Hallelujah moment.  If she is able to have it removed, it means she probably won't need to be in the hospital as long.  Faith still needs to have all the adjustments made to her jaw through next Tuesday (I believe). We will see how it plays out, but for now things look like they are moving in the direction we have been praying for since we knew God would be walking us through this surgery.

Other than that, it was a pretty tame day all in all.  That little girl hasn't pulled any antics on us today which left Jesi with some free time...hmmmm...wonder what she did...


  1. that is great new to hear before bedtime prayers.
    Praises to lift up on behalf of Little Faith.
    God is good, so good. I am so happy it has been a good day and things seem to be progressing so well.
    Hold on to God's unfailing hand family.

    Love, Lilly's Aunt Shisshy

  2. We're praying for that Hallelujah moment!!