Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On The Road Again

The Medical Good Faith Act is on the road again.  I found out today that a schedule change moved our bill up on the schedule.  It was expected to be voted on by the Michigan Senate next week, but today they decided to move it up and voted on it today.  This vote was to reaffirm the language which was changed in the House vote.  Well, the Senate voted 36-0 (2 absent senators) to pass the bill and put it on the road to the governor's office for his signature.  This could happen as early as next week.  We are trying to arrange a photo op with Governor Snyder so we can use the picture for publicity purposes so pray that we have favor with this.  The only problem is my work schedule next week.  We have a pastor luncheon at work which is a gigantic station event and will own my week until Friday. 

Faith is sitting on my lap jabbering as I type this.  She thinks that she is helping me type with her hands resting on my hands as I type.  Reminds me of a note Rick Santorum sent to me saying that Bella was doing the identical thing.  It always amazes me how many things these T18 children do the same.  She really thinks that she is being funny right now smacking the computer and keeps clapping for herself.  In fact, she has now messed up my computer so it isn't typing correctly....this child.  Below is the link with the bill language and status....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Well, I have been trying to check on the Medical Good Faith Act's progress and found out today that the full House was going to vote on  I wanted to watch it, but my work day was absolutely nuts so I didn't get to watch and almost forgot about it.  So I logged onto the link below to check on the status, and I found out that the bill passed 108 - 0....Unanimous!  This is amazing!  Now the bill will go back to the Senate for final approval due to language changes in the House then next stop is Governor Snyder's desk.  Then we want to work with parents in other states to promote the legislation.