Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not Feeling Well, but What A Difference

Watching my brother Elijah wrestle at his camp.
Sitting with Momma at the wrestling match.
Still working to keep my mouth closed.
Faith has not been feeling well all week long.  She has thrown up quite a bit this week from some virus that her sister Hope has also had.  Now she is fighting off a bunch of mucus again which will cause her to throw up when she can't cough it all the way out.  Even with this sickness, she is doing well.  We were just talking about how this sickness would have taken her downhill fast a few months ago.  In fact, we would be in the PICU right now, but she is doing so well fighting this stuff off on her own.  We are very happy to have the suction machine in the house because we are using it, but the oxygen tanks were just taken out the other day.  I love getting rid of medical equipment.  We were continuing to add and add and add equipment, but now we are getting rid of it....Hallelujah!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fireworks are flyingFaith

Faith loves fireworks and loud booms so off we go...
Faith watches the Rochester Hills, Michigan fireworks with her siblings.
Momma and Faith are waiting for the Grand Rapids, Michigan fireworks on July 4th.
Faith hanging out with the family at Oval Beach on Lake Michigan.
Faith tried to go into the cool waters of Lake Michigan...little too cool for her I guess.
We spent about 4 days on a little vacation to the west side (and coast) of Michigan.  Faith continues to do well with her new and improved jaw.  We still haven't start much food by mouth as we are still trying to figure out the gas and spit up problem.  It is so nice that she can enjoy more things now, and although we are careful with sickness exposure, we have not really had to be all that cautious since she is fighting off illnesses pretty well now.  You will notice her little sunglasses.  She enjoys those because her eyes are sensitive to sunlight.  If they are off, she will immediately cover both eyes with the back of her hands.  We weren't sure how she would like the beach, but she did pretty well.  We are still trying to determine Faith's wish and what we will many things to consider so it is something she will enjoy.  We thought about a trip to Israel...Pool of Siloam here we come. :)