Sunday, March 20, 2011

Junk coming out...

They continue to work on Faith by pounding away, suctioning away, everything they can.  She is well this morning and resting easily.  She has been waking up more frequently, but they have grown less concerned since she wakes up rubs her eyes (now that restraints are off), moves around some, and then falls back to sleep.  I did capture some pictures with her eyes open, but will have to wait until I have access to put them up.  I keep learning new things.  For example, Faith's CO2 level has been elevated, but this is in part her own body dealing with the diaretics she is receiving.  Diaretics throw off her electolyte levels and her body is retaining CO2 to compensate for this by trying to balance its own levels a different way.  I am starting to understand the doctors a little too much...spending way too much time around docs working on my honorary doctorate...:)

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  1. It was nice seeing you for that split second Faith!