Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Change coming...not sure what though

Well, Faith is supposed to have her breathing tube removed tomorrow; however, they may put in a larger tube...yes larger, scheduled about 11:30am.  They did not like the cloudiness of her lungs in the x-ray so they may put in a larger tube to get more air flow into her lungs to open them up more.  Her lungs sound clear and she is doing great, but I  have also been fighting this sickness for the last week and a half.  I am not surprised that she is still fighting this off considering how I am feeling.  On the bright side of having a larger tube, they can fit the larger tube in...she is opening up more.  Everything continues to progress very nicely, and we are excited that the end of our hospital journey is growing closer.

Please pray that they are able to remove the tube entirely tomorrow, and that she breathes nicely on her own.


  1. I will certainly pray for Hope and you to feel better and for that tube to be removed and she will have good breathing ability. I pray she is as content and comfortable as possile.
    Make those doctors give you something for your sickies.

    Prayers and XOXOXOXOX


  2. Praying for you all, especially Faith. And for wisdom for the doctors. :)

  3. Good girl! Breathing by yourself for 20 minutes! Quite an accomplishment!