Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keeping Her Chin Up...

Faith is keeping her chin up even though she had her nasal breathing tube removed today only to be replaced by a breathing tube in her mouth.  They want to clear her out more quickly with the new breathing tube so she will hopefully be off the breathing support altogether soon.  The great news, after looking at Faith today, the doctor said she will no longer be a critical airway patient after the procedure is done.  He said she will be easy to intubate when finished, but I am looking forward to ending her dependence on the BIPAP which I am confident will happen.  If you look closely at the pictures below, you will notice that her double chin has disappeared and the chubby cheeks will begin to thin as well with the chin growing as it is.


  1. Holy Cow!!!! She looks fantastic. I think she lost her double chin and 'grew' her neck all since Wed! Way to go Smith family!!! Praise you Jesus!!!

    Colleen Sheppard

  2. Love you Faith! See you tomorrow!


  3. She looks amazing!!!!!! You are making it through. She's coming through-the Smith family is coming through. Her eyes are beautiful-I can see-even while they are closed and will smile at you again so soon!!!! Praise the Lord!!! her chin looks great! Love-Carol

  4. We who are part of Lilly Hollowell's family are so grateful for the encouragement you wrote on her blog after our disappointing setback. You are so very precious as is your daughter. I look at the pictures of her with all of the torture equipment on her and think no child should have to go through that. But I see that it is to make her more comfortable and normal with her breathing and hopefully that makes it all worth it and she is having sweet dreams.

    Someone said on Lilly's blog that they would split their heart in half and give it to her if they could. Don't we all feel that way about our little ones. Nothing could be harder than to have a seriously sick child. I praise your faith and your encouragement to the rest of us and your courage for yourself and your family.

    xoxoxo Lilly's aunt Shisshy