Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Appreciate those prayers

Faith's CO2 level was reaching 70%, but it has come back down to about 30% which is the range most of use operate in so this is good.  They will have to stay on top of the CO2 level to make sure it stays down.  They also were able to get the PICC line in today where they failed at it twice yesterday.  This will serve her better than the regular IV and isn't as likely to come out.  Also, they made the first adjustments today on the distractor which will begin growing her jaw out.  All in all everything is moving along nicely (with a few hiccups). 


  1. My family and I are continuing to pray for little Faith. And I've posted her blog link on Lilly' blog and I have friends and relatives praying for Faith now too. And as we know - God hears the prayers of His people! Jesi you're in our prayers too - we know staying in the hospital is not easy!

  2. Precious, sweet little Faith. You are in my thoughts all day today and in my prayers.
    I am glad you are tough like our Lilly and we now can consider you part of the family. I loved seeing the picture of your brother and sister with you. They had such love and compassionate looks on their faces.
    Mama and Dad, God bless you and keep you strong and know that we are praying for Faith and getting the word and the blog out our network for more prayers and love.
    May God heal you and ease your pain quickly, Little One.

    Lilly's Aunt Shisshy

  3. Dear Faith:

    You are so loved and the hopes and prayers of the many people who love you is dedicated daily to you and your family. We are sharing your story with more and more prayerful people with the knowledge that God hears us all. Bless you little Faith.