Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I had the most amazing opportunity earlier this evening; at the same time, it was one of the most awkward situations in which I have ever been.  It all began yesterday.  A friend who was hired by the RNC invited me to an event that he had organized.  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was attending the event with many other Detroit area community leaders so I decided to go.  While I was there, I met several new people including a doctor from the DMC (Detroit Medical Center).  DMC runs Children's Hospital in Detroit where we were denied proper care for Faith.  We have other friends who experienced the same problem at DMC.  So, I mentioned to him our story about not receiving care for our daughter and getting the Medical Good Faith Act passed because of this experience.  I wouldn't normally have said this upon just meeting him, but there was something about this doctor that I liked from the start.  He was troubled by our story and invited me to attend a meeting scheduled for tonight to share our DMC experience with other DMC doctors. I told him that I might, but I wasn't sure because I have been going to so many events and I'm exhausted.

Well, I emailed him this afternoon to say that I would come to the event.  It started at 6pm and when I showed up, I did not see the doctor who invited me.  Another doctor saw me and could tell that I didn't belong and started a conversation with me.  I explained that I had been invited and why the other doc invited me.  He was troubled by our DMC story and experience.  Others started arriving and could tell that I didn't belong including one of the assistants who asked me for my name.  A few minutes later two of the men came over to me and took me out of the room.  Perplexed, they asked me why I was there so I once again explained.  I let them know that I did not want to disturb their meeting and I wasn't even sure what I was doing there.  But after hearing my story, they asked me to stay and share for 10-15 minutes with the group.

One of the men who came to speak with me opened up the meeting and explained some of what they would be covering during their meeting.  The other man who spoke to me outside the room was a doc.  He then introduced me to the group and explained that I would share my story so I did.  I told them how we were denied treatment and how others at DMC had experienced the same.  I talked about how Rafaella's family had to fight to get heart surgery for Maristella.  Many of their reactions were of disappointment and I could see that they were troubled by these stories.  I was very respectful, but blunt and I pulled no punches.  I told them that I admire the hard work it takes to reach their position, but I also understand that they are practicing medicine and don't have all the answers.  I told them how much influence they really have and how people trust them.  I explained how we have tried to get parents out of hospital systems, but couldn't get the parents to leave because they trusted their doctors even when they should not have.  The doctor who introduced me then thanked me for sharing and said they would be in touch because he wanted to continue this.  He then explained to me that this group of doctors is an advisory committee to the president of DMC.  The president of DMC was the man who opened the meeting and had pulled me out of the room before the meeting.  The original assistant followed me out and got my contact information so she could get in touch with me.  By the way, the doctor who invited me never showed up to the meeting and now you know why it was so incredibly awkward (he's gonna hear about it :).  Even if he had been there, I would have felt awkward, but I knew God opened this door and I had to walk through it.  This group of doctors deals with adults and not children, but I may have just kicked a hornets nest.  I pray God continues in this and that this part of our story is just beginning.

By the way, Faith is doing well and is walking around right now in her gait trainer.  Of course, she is slamming into everything and destroying the walls in my house which drives me crazy.  I'm glad that she drives me just as crazy as my other children.  Also to update our first public speaking engagement of this type, we spoke to the Central Michigan Right to Life group last week.  We received a very good response from the crowd, and the next day I received an email from the state Right to Life offices which asked us to speak at their legislative day in Lansing on March 11.  We will be speaking right after the lunch to legislators and other directors for Right to Life of Michigan throughout the state.  God is certainly opening up doors.  We are made righteous by Him, and the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.