Thursday, February 28, 2013

Committee Hearing May Be Next Week

Faith is sitting beside me talking and squealing, and just having a good old time.  She has had a pretty good winter with not even one trip to the hospital.  We have had a few illnesses, but she has gotten past them well.  She continues to work on her walking skills.  Since we haven't had to worry as much about her health, we have been able to focus on some other things.  One of these is the Medical Good Faith Act.  I spoke with Michigan Senator Marleau's office today and wanted to update you on where we stand.

This link will allow you to read the bill...

Today I learned that not only do we have Senator Marleau, chair of the Health Policy Committee, as the sponsor, but we have 4 other Senators on the committee co-sponsoring the bill.  This means 5 of the 8 state senators on this committee are sponsoring the bill which makes for good odds on passage in the committee. :)  Over the weekend, I was a delegate to the Republican State Convention and got to speak with Marleau about the bill.  I also talked with Brian Calley, our lieutenant governor, who has a son with autism.  He wants to get together with Marleau to discuss the bill so God is giving us favor with many.  I was also told today that we may have the committee hearing next Thursday March 7 at 2:30pm.  If it is scheduled, Jesi and I will be taking the family to Lansing to testify before the committee.

I was told that they are currently not planning to remove the "minor" verbiage in the bill which would make it apply only to those under 18 to ensure there won't be any problems passing it.  I have a strategy which I am hoping we can use.  I would like to have a senator introduce an amendment to the bill on the floor of the whole senate to remove the "minor" reference.  This way the senate can vote on the change and hopefully pass it then the bill would also pass, but even if it didn't pass the bill could still pass with the "minor" reference.  Once we get over this hurdle, next stop will be the Michigan House of Representatives.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We have gotten very good news this week regarding the Medical Good Faith Act which would require hospitals and doctors in Michigan to provide parents/guardians with their medical futility policies.  My state senator is Jim Marleau and he is sponsoring the bill.  Senator Marleau is the chair of the committee which handles these medical issues.  I also have the only pro-life democrat senator as a co-sponsor, his name is Tupac Hunter and he is also the minority leader.  The bill was introduced as Michigan Senate Bill 165 on February 7th and was referred to committee.  We should receive a committee hearing on a Thursday at 2:30 sometime in the next 4 weeks or so. 

My senator's office and Senator Hunter's office have been actively working to get support for the bill.  We have Right to Life of Michigan and the Catholic League backing the bill.  I am becoming increasing encouraged that we will get this bill passed since we have a dominant republican majority in both the state house and senate along with a republican governor.  If you all noticed, we have many of the same people serving who just passed Freedom to Work in Michigan so they have more than enough courage to vote this bill into law.  My goal is to get this passed into Michigan and begin working with others to get the Medical Good Faith Act passed into law throughout the country.

Faith update...she has been doing well, but is currently a bit under the weather.  She is really walking well and if you haven't seen the video my daughter shot, I have attached a link for you.