Monday, January 23, 2012

Cranial Facial...what?

Here is Faith intubated with RSV and the H Flu.
Here is Faith today...ah, that's what we like to see.
Nice to see her sitting up instead of laying in bed...of course she no longer has on these cute little pajamas as she just threw up on them.
Jesi just took Faith to U of M today to see a cranial facial doctor about her high palate.  When she gets a little older (age 6-8: love when doctors talk like this and plan for her to be around), we may look at putting a spacer in to lower her palate, but that is in the distance.  The doc would like Faith to work with their therapy to help her learn to swallow.  We will give it a try to see if they have anything that will help her.  Even with the jaw problem, he thought her bite turned out pretty good.  I will claim that I did the last turning to align her jaw which was quite tricky.  I might as well take the credit. :)  He also said that her apnea is minimal.  The spacer idea is to somehow help with the apnea.  I would think it is better to help with swallowing, but I'm no doc.  It helps people with small nasal passages and mouth breathers like Faith to breathe more easily through the nose.

It was nice to come home to see Faith smiling, dancing, and enjoying herself.


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  2. Heather StechschulteJanuary 24, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    So awesome to see Faith growing and smiling! She is such a blessing!

  3. Georgiann AntonelliJanuary 24, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Yeah, are an overcommer! God is good!

  4. So good to see that big smile Faith! And what long pretty hair! Keep on impressing the doctors Faith - we're praying for you!