Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hospital is Back....Really?

Yep, we just got back from Faith's Wish Trip and the boys had gotten a bug right before we left Florida.  Well, they shared it with everyone in the house including Faith.  She is in the hospital not simply because she is sick, but she has viral pneumonia.  When they got to the hospital, Faith's O2 level was running between 72-82 which is quite low.  This was even using the bipap through the night.  And, she started bleeding from her rectum again so obviously the surgery did not fix her bleeding problem.  Now, it does appear that the bleeding starts when she gets sick, but we will have to keep looking for the problem since it hasn't been fixed yet.  Faith is resting much better now, but needs to get this junk out as it is nasty.  The boys have sounded horrible for days, and I haven't been much better.  She just went in the hospital today, but we all got to see her through a video call before the kids went to bed.  That was nice since they got to say goodnight to Faith and Momma.

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  1. wow.. our hearts go out... Danny & I took hands and lifted you all up..... ! Love, The Wuopio's