Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oxygen On and Off...and On...and Off

Faith is getting there.  She has times where the O2 is taken completely away and she has done well, but then she will start to drop and needs it again.  She is getting there though.  In fact, she is feeling good enough now to know that she doesn't feel good...yes, it does make sense - just think about it.  The docs have talked about letting her go tomorrow, but she still sounds really junky and with the O2 still being used it is doubtful.  We would probably rather she stay a little longer just to get over the need for O2.  We do think Friday might be more likely and are hopeful that she will be ready by Friday so we can get back home.

We are blessed that she is at a hospital much closer to home than U of M.  I dropped Hope off at the hospital this morning so she could be with Momma today.  She was able to do school and spend the entire day with her mom.  The rest of the kids were dropped off by their uncle after they finished school so they also could spend time with Momma and Faith.  It makes things much easier than our stays at U of M.

The issue now will be the bleeding and figuring out the issue.  Doctors still aren't sure what the problem is so we will have to watch Faith for signs of bleeding and take her to the hospital while she is bleeding.  We have stumped the doctors, or Faith has...hmmm...and she's only 3.

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  1. We're so glad you're getting better Faith! We're all praying for you. You're a smart girl - but it really is time to give up on the bleeding and let the drs know how to help you!