Thursday, January 12, 2012

RSV...Day 3 in PICU

Sorry I haven't gotten any photos to share.  Today Faith is still intubated.  She had a better night and Jesi got some sleep which was was badly needed.  I stopped to see Faith and Jesi for a few minutes during my lunch and the techs dropped by to do an ultrasound for the purpose of checking her blood flow.  I am not sure of the results because I forgot to check with Jesi when I dropped back by after work.  I don't think it really showed much of anything though, but will update if I learn something new.  When I walked in this evening, I immediately noticed that she was quite puffy...should nick name her puff the magic dragon.  She appeared to be retaining water as he eyes were swollen along with many other parts of her body.  They were going to look into the possibility of lasix to help her get the water out.  This will only happen though if her lungs are collecting any water.  She is kicking this stuff out, but it is making her look rough.  Her breathing looks like a lot of work, but her stats are quite good including heart rate, breathing rate, O2 level, CO2 level, etc.  With the help of God, she will knock this RSV out.

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  1. We are praying for healing for Faith and strength for both of you to keep fighting this fight. We love you and are lifting you up in prayer. Remember you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength....He's strong enough! Matthew West "Strong Enough."
    Georgiann, Tim, Grace, Faith & Hope