Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daddy, Daughter Time...Day 5 in PICU

Well, here we are again, Faith and I, spending the weekend together in the PICU.  She has been asleep most of the day so I haven't gotten to watch her dance as I did yesterday when visiting.  She is resting very comfortably right now with a 130 heart rate, 29 respiratory rate, 100% O2 level, and a 48 CO2 level which are all good.  Her breathing looks much easier than the past few days; although, she continues to sweat at times which is curious because this is usually a sign that she is struggling.  She is still intubated and will most likely be for the next few days.  When we first came in, the doctors initially guessed that she had viral pneumonia, but after testing, it was determined that she has RSV.  However, something else was recently determined.  She also has the H Flu.  This child knows how to show these folks she is tough, but I wish she would quite showing off.  We would like to go home and hang out.

The two of us are watching the Saints try to come back against the 49ers, but we are much more interested to watch Tim Tebow and the Broncos take on the Patriots.  Faith has been excited all day for this game.  I think she wants a Tebow jersey.

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