Friday, January 20, 2012


Faith was released from the PICU yesterday so we were able to bring her home.  For those of you who don't know, usually patients are dismissed from the floor, but we leave the hospital when it is time to leave the PICU.  We really do more in caring for her than they would do on the floor so it just doesn't make sense to be moved there.  If we are going to be in the hospital, we need the good stuff.

Now that we are home, we can refocus on the bleeding issue.  She isn't bleeding at this point, but we have a new plan.  If we begin to see the signs of possible bleeding, we will head to U of M's emergency. Dr. Truding, our GI doc, has exhausted all of his resources at Beaumont and is sending us back to U of M.  I so appreciate his straight forward way of working with us.  We are bummed that we will have to take this to U of M as it is an hour away when there's no traffic.  At Beaumont, I can run to see Jesi and Faith for lunch since it is fairly close to my office.  U of M is much harder, but at least they have a brand new hospital.  We appreciate your prayers though because we would rather not see the inside of the new hospital.

It has been funny to watch Faith in our return home.  She started to get happy just leaving the hospital, but even more she was excited to come home.  She has been all smiles and happiness since we got her home.  I thought maybe it would wear off quickly, and she would realize that she still doesn't feel well.  She still has spurts of that, but overall she is still quite happy.  The nutty people who think these children will never understand anything...she understands more than they do.

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  1. Yay Faith! You pulled through again! Lilly always left the hospital from the PICU too. :) Enjoy being home! We'll keep praying for you.