Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Final Days in Florida after leaving Give Kids The World

We headed to Epcot to hopefully get some photos with the princesses.
Photo with Snow White
Photo with Belle and the Beast...good story with this photo.
Sleeping Beauty poses with the family.
We grabbed this photo on our way out of the park.
We enjoyed watching the Buckeyes at the Gator Bowl.
We were all decked in our Ohio State gear and having fun.
I just couldn't resist this picture.
We hit the beach at St. Augustine on our way back to our hotel.
Faith was a bit tired so she couldn't really enjoy the beach as much as the rest of us.
She did enjoy the limo ride back home...she looked out the window all the way home.
Our trip to Epcot was mainly to meet the princesses and take pictures.  Hope really wanted to see Belle, but as we walked around not many characters were in sight.  We finally saw Snow White.  As we entered France, we saw a line and at the end of the line was Belle.  They had just closed the line and were not allowing any others in the line.  However, we had the special Wish Kid pass so I showed it to the guy.  Well not only did we get to jump to the front of the line, but Belle escorted us there holding Hope's hand as we walked.  Then we took a series of photos with Belle and the Beast.  Hope was thrilled and as usual Faith enjoyed it as she did all the characters.

The Gator Bowl was quite fun even though the Buckeyes lost to Florida.  We were seated between both bands which got a little crazy at times because they both played at the same time.  Even though our time at the beach was short, it was nice and made us want to have a vacation where we leave the beach house and walk a few feet to the beach and then walk back.

We are grateful to Rainbow Connection and Give Kids the World for making this trip possible.  It was truly a blessing from God for our whole family and we will remember this trip.

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  1. What a great trip! Faith sure sounds like she hung in there! A stayed healthy too - wow! Ha - when we went to St. Augustine in Nov. with Lilly we ended up with getting free tour ride around the city - all because of her story. So glad Faith was treated so well and got to skip all those lines!