Saturday, January 21, 2012

While Faith Recovers...Sickness came back from FL, but pictures too

This picture may look a bit funny, but that's because it was.  Faith really enjoyed the characters, but especially Minnie Mouse.  In this photo, you can see how happy she is, and she wouldn't stop talking to Minnie...if you listen maybe you can hear her unceasing babbling.
You can see how happy she is with was so much fun to watch her reaction.
We think she is doing an impersonation of those faces.
Ahh...gotta get a photo with Mickey Mouse.
Faith, you're not suppose to lick Donald Duck's bill.
Oh those stars are so pretty...look at the camera.
As long as she had her sunglasses, the warm sun was great.
Sporting a cool look in Florida.
Woody and Buzz...boy are they big...look at the size of that hat.
Chilling with Hope's Minnie.
Ok, the guy who took this picture was way too nice.  He took a family photo then had our other children move out of the frame so he could take pictures of Faith with just Mom and Dad.  It made Jesi cry and she hugged him because it was so thoughtful.
Faith really enjoyed all the lights in the Christmas display...she is in awe.
She is happy to spend time with the princesses dressed in her own princess dress.
She enjoyed meeting Belle, but this was really Hope's wish come true.
We got these photos free from Disney as part of our trip into the Disney parks.  We took lots of family photos which was nice because I could be in the photos as well instead of always taking them.  As the post title says, we brought back a virus from Florida which caused Faith to get RSV and H Flu, but we are now hanging out at home instead of the hospital so I decided to share some of the Disney provided photos.  It was so warm...and now, well its not so have been playing in the snow.

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