Monday, January 16, 2012


I dropped by the hospital for a few minutes at lunch today to walk in and find my little Faith with NO breathing tube shoved down her throat.  She had a face mask on with O2 running at 12 liters which is quite high, but she was doing pretty well.  They are watching her to make sure her breathing doesn't get too labored.  They might switch to high flow to help blow her lungs open if necessary.  She sounded really junky, but it is much easier to cough and get the junk out.  We are excited to have taken this step because intubation often makes her take longer to get over the sickness, although she needed it to get past the worst stages of RSV and this H flu.  She was dancing and smiling since she was free.  She kept moving her arms around almost like she thought...if I keep moving them, they won't tie them down anymore...I'm free...I'm free.

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