Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Faith had a colonoscopy done today, but they did not find anything definitive.  She will have an ultrasound tomorrow to look at the blood flow around her kidneys and intestines.  Well, Jesi called me after the colonoscopy to update me and let me know that Faith has RSV.  For those who don't know, RSV is a harsh respiratory infection.  Faith had been getting a shot each month during the winter to protect her against getting RSV.  Well, our brilliant insurance company would not approve the continuation of the shots because they are quite expensive and they don't authorize it on children over 3.  The obvious, Faith is not a normal 3 year old.  So now she has RSV and the brainless insurance company is going to be stuck with a bill that dwarfs the cost of the shots.  Now I understand the realities of business and the expensive shots, but this seems like a no brainer business decision to get the shots in order to avoid a crazy PICU bill from the hospital.   Now they will have a ridiculous bill and my daughter has to suffer through fighting off this crazy sickness.

We appreciate all prayers as Faith is currently intubated to help her breathe and get over RSV.  She was resting somewhat comfortably when I left, and I hope Jesi can do the same since she didn't sleep much last night staying in the hospital with Faith.  On a positive note, the intubation went very smoothly...thank you jaw distraction. God is good.

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