Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jaw Distraction...Before then After

BEFORE...Faith before March 7, 2011
AFTER...Faith on December 2, 2011
AFTER...Faith on December 23, 2011...3rd birthday

I happened upon some photos from earlier in the year when I took some pictures of Faith before her jaw distraction.  My after shots are not directly from the side, but these 2 photos months after give you a great view of the impact the jaw distraction surgery has had on Faith.  I made them larger so you can more easily see the difference.  For those of you with T-18 babies, look at the jaw of your children.  If they appear anything like Faith's short jaw, please get to a good ENT and get it checked.  If you are anywhere near Michigan and U of M, Doctor Green was our ENT.  Faith has been so much better off since we did this.  It is amazing how she went from looking like a baby to a little girl.  We are happy to discuss this with anyone interested...we will tell you the good and bad, but know that we would do this all over again.  We can also help you know some things to watch during your procedure to avoid some of our struggles.  This procedure can totally change how your child can breathe and end or drastically reduce apnea.

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