Monday, February 13, 2012

WOW...What a day...And it's continuing

Well, the day started off with our Detroit Free Press story as the top story, front page, above the fold.  I was stunned to see the placement of our story.  Then as I drove into work, I was listening to my station, News Talk 1400 The Patriot, and Bill Bennett was talking to Byron York about Rick Santorum's chances in the upcoming Michigan primary.  I decided to call into Bill's show to kick in my 2 cents.  His producer put me on the air and I had a conversation with Bill about how ticket sales for the Thursday night Lincoln Dinner with Santorum jumped in sales when he won 3 states in a night.  I then got to share about the Detroit Free Press article.  It was a nice conversation, and on a national stage with Bill Bennett's Morning in America.

Later in the day I received a call from a producer at WDIV TV Channel 4 Detroit.  They would like to feature our story in the news so they are scheduled for a visit with us tomorrow night.  Of course that hinges on the news of the day, so we will pray for a slow news day. :)

Next, Jesi called me to tell me that a reporter from Mail Online (Daily Mail) wanted to cover the story also.  Grace put some pictures together for her, and she quickly wrote a story.  I have provided the link to this story.

When I arrived home, I learned from Grace that Rick Santorum posted the link on his presidential campaign facebook page.  There are some interesting comments on the thread, and some very nice comments.  It is amazing how fast a story can spread...although we are trying to spread it.  I have been in email contact with Senator Santorum, and the more I communicate with him, the more I respect him.!/RickSantorum

We want to thank Kathy Gray and Eric Seals from the Detroit Free Press for their great work on this story.  We appreciate their ability to tell a story and stay true to it.  I also appreciate the editors who helped make this story happen as well.

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  1. I want to thank you for sharing your story! It feels so good to know that I can reach out to someone locally for support and guidance. Thank you for being such a WONDERFUL family!!!!!!-