Friday, February 3, 2012

Driving to U of M Mott Children's Hospital Right NOW

What a day....  I got a call earlier from Jesi and while we were talking, she and the kids were rear ended by a car.  No one got hurt, but our Odyssey's rear door was smashed and will not open.  This is quite troubling because Faith's wheel chair is in the back of the van...still not sure if it has been damaged.  Regardless, we can't get it in and out.  Well, that is only the start.  I called Jesi back as she was driving home from the wreck to tell her to flip on the Michael Medved show as he was talking about Faith (read the post below for that story).

When I arrived home, Faith was having a good time.  In fact when they were hit by the car, she started laughing...she loves loud sounds.  All of a sudden she started crying in pain so I began venting her, but it just continued until we began to smell, well, you know.  The odor was strong and not really something we wanted to smell.  When we checked her diaper which had overflowed, it had blood in it.  Jesi has a bag packed so she grabbed all of Faith's stuff while I cleaned her up.  Then we loaded them up in the smashed van and sent them to U of M Mott Children hospital which is about an hour away.  Jesi is currently on the road driving to U of M.  We need to get her checked quickly to see if they can find the source of the bleeding while it is active.

We will update as we learn more...

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