Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Over A Cold

We have had a bit of sickness in the house for the past several days, and Faith seems to have gotten a little dose of it.  Gideon has been down for a couple of days and seems to be more affected than Faith.  It has made for several difficult nights of sleeplessness for us, but Faith is happy right now.  We pray that she will sleep through the night tonight.  Since the RSV and last bleeding episode, we have not gotten back to regular feeding.  We have been stuck on slow continual feeds.  Faith has been throwing up more than normal today, but we are pretty confident it is the illness causing this.  She looks so cute over there with her little rosie cheeks.

Faith has not had any bleeding episodes since the one in January.  We pray that our little woman with the issue of blood can just touch the hem of his garment so we don't have to go back to the hospital for this.

Well, we never quite connected with Rick Santorum at the political event as I was late to it and Jesi wasn't really sure where to go, but they did get to see Rick speak.  We will just have to catch him the next time he is in the area which may be soon, but if not soon, maybe the general election...we will see.  Tuesday is our big day for the Michigan primary which should prove quite pivotal.  Currently it's a dead heat.


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  1. I do think these kids tend to throw up more when they have colds or just extra congestion. Sounds like Faith is pulling through great though - poor Gideon! Amen about the hem of His garment! I'm praying for ya Faith!