Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TV least for now

I got a call yesterday at 5pm from the producer at WDIV Channel 4.  Their schedule was just too full and they couldn't get a reporter out to see us last night.  They needed to meet us during the day to easily fit us into their schedule, but my job makes that difficult.  So the kids were quite bummed that they can't watch themselves on TV, especially Gideon.  The kid was almost offended...kind of funny.

Rick Santorum is speaking at an event tomorrow night that I will be attending.  Then on Friday Rick will be speaking at the Michigan Faith and Freedom event in Shelby Township.  Our friend runs the group and invited us to attend it so he can introduce the family on the stage at the end of the event.  Jesi is taking the kids and I am sure Rick will enjoy seeing Faith. 

Faith is doing pretty well today.  She is laying beside me right now happily jabbering.  You can see from the picture above how happy she is.  Jesi is getting beaten up by Faith as she is kicking her feet, and Jesi wisely sat at the end of the kicks.  We have been slowly ramping up her feed rate.  We had tried moving it up a little to quickly and she didn't handle it well, but she is much better since we backed off some.  It is so much fun to watch her when she's not crying...well usually.  She did wake us up at 4am this morning, but she wasn't crying or in pain.  No, she was playing.  She was talking and moving fact at one point, I wondered what was going on over there.  It sounded like she made the crib jump off of the ground.  At least she wasn't crying, but I kept asking her to go back to sleep.  We could have just gotten up though because we never really got back to sleep.  Oh wait, Jesi did, but then she is up all the time with Faith.

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  1. What an amazing little girl! She is so precious! God has truly blessed your family! I am praying for Faith and your family!