Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HOME...Yet No Resolution

Faith was dismissed from the hospital today and is home tonight.  She is clearly very happy to be home.  It is always funny to see how much she likes coming home.  In fact, it is hilarious that people are moronic enough to tell people Trisomy 18 children will never recognize anything or communicate.  These people have absolutely no clue.  I arrived home and walked in the door.  When I walked in Faith started bouncing up and down and smiling because she knew I was home.  Again, I could repeat my previous sentence.  I should, but I don't have a lot of patience for people who denegrate my daughter.  I certainly don't expect others to see her as the same because she's not the same.  However, I do expect others to see her as a human being who is worthy to live, and when they don't, I can get pretty - well, I will leave that to your imagination.

The doctors decided along with us that the best course of action would be to wait until Faith has another bleeding episode to try to find the source.  We went to the hospital as soon as her bleeding began, but you know how they want to do tests until they have more information.  Well, some of the tests were simply too late because the bleeding had stopped.  Now we will immediately take her in if this happens again, and they will test her without waiting on her CBC.  This is what we wanted to happen this time, but it's just how they roll and sometimes you have to roll with them.  The more they see how well that we know our daughter - the more they listen to us.  So the trip wasn't a total waste.  Anyone who has dealt with anything like this knows that we as parents have to grow to trust our doctors, but the opposite is quite true as well because doctors grow to trust us as parents.  The more they are around us; the more they listen to us and will act upon our observations.

The timing of Faith's dismissal from the hospital was convenient because Jesi was able to take Faith to her therapy appointment today which is also in Ann Arbor.  This is a long drive, but Jesi said this therapist had more success with Faith than any of the other's who have worked with her swallowing so the continued trips will be worth it at least.

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  1. Home sweet home! Amen to what you wrote in your first paragraph. These kids know a lot!