Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photos with the President....???????

Smith Family Photo with Rick Santorum
Grace in background
Meeting the President (titled by photographer)
Taking It On The Chin (title by photographer)
THE SMILE (title by photographer)
Close up of Faith and Rick Santorum
The photos are with Rick Santorum (hopefully our next president) on Saturday Feb 25th at the Americans for Prosperity event at San Marino Club in Troy, Michigan.  I described our experience in the previous post so feel free to read about this opportunity for our whole family to meet Senator Santorum.  I am grateful to Chris McCoy for helping make this happen and the rest of the Americans for Prosperity folks for working to get us into the VIP area which was a bit of a chore and a little embarassing.  We basically walked right across the front as Rick spoke to the crowd and I kept running over feet with Faith's wheelchair.  I also want to thank Josh Nunez for taking these photos and graciously providing them.  I want to share his short email because I thought it was so kind.

Thanks for the privilege of sharing these with you.  For my fellow photographer and I, it was the highlight of the day.

God has given you a very special daughter, but I saw a beautiful example of love in your other children's joy in their sister's moment in the spotlight.

God bless you,


Faith, Jesi, and I had obviously met Rick Santorum previously, but I think the rest of our children will always remember this opportunity fondly.

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  1. What great pictures! And Faith has on her cute happy face! :)