Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update...New Mott Hospital...Day 1

Well, the children and I are home while Jesi is with Faith at the new U of M Mott Children's Hospital.  They just opened, but amazingly this brand new hospital does not have bathrooms in the rooms.  We thought for sure they would like they do at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.  Jesi tells me they do have large screen TVs so we may go there tomorrow and watch the Super Bowl with Jesi and Faith.  You would think that they would want bathrooms in each room to keep the germ factory of publicly shared bathrooms to a minimum.  They go through all of this craziness to keep germs from spreading and then have only a few bathrooms for all of the parents and families to use...nice central germ location.  I am curious to see the new hospital, but only curious as I didn't really want to go.

Faith is doing pretty well, but they haven't done too much yet.  Our U of M GI doctor visited Faith today.  We had a March appointment with him which we tried to move up...not the best plan for moving the appointment up, but it is effective.  The plan is to keep tabs on her hemoglobin level.  If it continues to drop and at a fast enough rate, they will do a procedure where they look for the bleeding sight by going through her veins.  I am not sure how they do this, but she has to be actively bleeding and at a fast enough pace so the test can determine where the bleeding is.

The next option is to put a pill in her to see how the pill goes through.  If the pill cannot make it all the way through, it will dissolve, but if the pill can make it through then we might be able to give her the little camera pill.  The first one is simply to determine if she can get the camera pill through her intestines.  If she can, the camera would take lots of picture as it goes through so they can see the inside of her small intestines to determine where the bleeding could be originating.  This would be fabulous if it is possible, but they just don't have many good options for little ones.  There are lots of options for adults so I ask myself with all the crazy technology we have...why not make the camera even smaller?

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