Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Faith...Super Bowl

Well, the kids and I have come to the new Mott Children's Hospital to see Faith and Jesi.  I am sitting beside Faith typing on a wireless keyboard to make this post while watching it on the big screen tv.  They have internet and other entertainment connected to the tv with bose audio overhead.  Not bad, but they don't have an HD signal for this giant tv....hmmmmm.  This will come in handy as Jesi can stream audio through the tv and listen to radio, etc.  Faith loves music so this will be very nice.  If I just had a way to upload pictures, I would be all set for posting.

Faith is still bleeding, but I hate to say this...not at a fast enough rate.  Her bleed rate is too slow for the test to work.  I love the staff here though.  We were talking to a doctor who was brainstorming other ways to check her, but he isn't sure if they will want to do his idea.  Basically, he wants to give her meds to help her bleed more while in the PICU where they can control the bleeding, but you can imagine that may not fly.  We appreciate his thinking and will see where this goes.

Jesi and the kids just got back from the family play area and football experience.  They loved it except it was all Michigan themed which made them a bit sick to their stomachs. :)  I have raised them well.

We are going to watch the Super Bowl here.  It made me begin to think how many events that we have spent in the hospital with Faith.  We have been here for Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, our anniversary, and now the Super Bowl.  We also were in the hospital for the Ohio State - Michigan game for Gideon's birth.  I had to get that one because Gideon wanted to be mentioned in the blog.

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