Monday, February 6, 2012

WHITEY...but still cute

Faith is a bit pale as you can see, but she is doing well.
The new rooms at U of M Mott Children's Hospital are large, and the boys always dress for the occasion.
My beautiful wife gets lonely without us there (especially me).  Of course I miss her tremendously and she wants you to know that I sob uncontrollably when she is gone.
Faith had a CT Scan today to see if they could find any problems or hopefully see where the bleeding might be...but it was not to be.  They did not find the bleeding, but happily they did not find anything else either.  Tomorrow she will have a tablet surgically put into her stomach.  The hope is that it will work its way easily through her bowels.  If it does, they will try another tablet with a camera.  There is a concern that this camera might get stuck in her system; hence, the first tablet which will dissolve if it gets stuck (hopefully).  There are not many good options for little people to have their small intestines examined thoroughly. 

Faith's blood loss seems to have stopped for now and begun to build back up.  Her hemoglobin was down to about 8.3, but was back up to over 9.  When it drops below 8, they will give her a transfusion.  We would like them to give her a bit of blood anyway.  She is much more susceptible to things when her blood level drops, but a transfusion is like putting adrenalin into her.  Her energy level rises very quickly.  It is quite funny to watch her get blood, and of course, it is nice to see color reappear as well.

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  1. Boy Faith - I don't check your blog for a few days and then I'm surprised. I know I know it's always that way with T-18 kids. Everything seems fine then BAM! they're in the hospital! But I just noticed that your dad cleverly added the bar to "follow by email" and I quickly signed up. Now I can stay current more easily. I don't want to miss any specific prayer opportunities for you! And Faith - heaven has enough angels for right now. Lilly looks forward to playing with you one day, but she can wait. So you cooperate and let the doctors fix this problem once and for all. And keep impressing them with your strength and cuteness! You have an expensive ministry to continue for years to come!