Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loooonnng Day of Testing....Day 4 (of this visit)

Today began with new hemoglobin levels of 7.3 which meant blood transfusion time.  This is Faith's 4th blood transfusion since October.  They gave her 185cc of blood.  Of course, it made her perk right up like giving her a caffeine pill.  However, the fun was just getting started.  First, they tried to place a capsule in her stomach to see if it would pass through her intestines.  They were not even able to get the capsule down her throat likely into her stomach, but they were able to scope further down than ever before.  They did find a little nodule and took a biopsy.  They don't believe it is the source of the problem.

Tonight they did a red blood cell tag test.  They take blood out of her and tag the cells nuclear material then put the blood back in so they can watch the blood.  This test is supposed to find active bleed, but of course, Faith doesn't make this easy since her bleeding is intermittent.  That test just came back negative so no current bleeding which is good and bad. 

All in all it was a long day of testing.  We will have to ask some good questions because the next likely step is exploratory surgery which we would rather not do again.  This whole thing is troubling simply because it has been so difficult to figure out.  It is a good thing that we have a God who is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above all we can ask or even think.

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  1. All right Faith - enough hospital fun. It's only a joke that hospitals should be your home away from home. But do what you need to do little one. And we'll keep praying to God to heal you!