Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swinging Left...Thought Right If Anything (Day 28)

You can see Faith's chin is too far left, but is being corrected.
Faith is chilling with Daddy and brought all her stuff along with her.
Faith is sitting in her chair in the bed and grabbing Jesi's face.
Momma getting the fuzz off of Faith's hairy girl.
This picture is way too cute...Jesi was pounding on her chest.
Faith had a great weekend.  As I said, she has gotten a lot of junk out and you can see from the pictures how much better she is feeling.  It really is so nice to watch her sleep so well without any oxygen or machines.  I am feeling very confident that we are going to say Bye Bye BIPAP.  I can imagine how nice it will be for her when the jaw isn't crooked anymore and the distractors are gone.  She slept a bunch yesterday, but today she was awake and smiling by this evening when Momma got there.  We are hopeful that her recovery will be quite far along by tomorrow, and maybe we will be very close to leaving the hospital.  As long as her lungs are clean, we are very comfortable with all of the other issues.


  1. About the picture of chilling with dad with all her "stuff"....All girls have a lot of stuff! In fact, I don't think they make "hand bags" anymore. Have you noticed how big the purses are getting these days! :-)

    And as for shaving off the extra hair.....Already, Faith?! Must you grow up so fast!!!

    Jesi, I'm working on finding a day to come visit with you. I didn't realize my babysitters were going to be out of town this week. But I'm not out of options! Just need to do more checking around. I am so looking forward to visiting with you!!! I'll keep you posted...

    Jill Connelly

  2. Love the chillin' picture! Our girls always seem to have some kind of gear that comes with them! So Faith - do you get a unibrow like Lilly?