Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God Makes The Crooked Places Straight...

You can see how the pacifier sits crooked in her mouth.
Notice how the jaw is pushing off to the side and does not line up with her nose.
'I will go before you And make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze And cut the bars of iron.'  Isaiah 45:2

God is good and has walked us through another interesting day.  It started with the last two nights of little sleep because Faith has not felt well.  We gave her 2 liters of oxygen to sleep through the night because she was having trouble breathing.  We had an ENT appointment for today, but decided to take her to the ER so they could evaluate her.  They only gave her a dose of steroids to help with swelling and determined that she has the croup or some form of asthma.  She doesn't have a croup sounding cough, but has the voice somewhat.  Had we only thought to treat this like croup seeing as we have done this many times with our other kids, oh well - we didn't have to wait long in ER.  That's good because Jesi kept telling them we wouldn't wait since we had a 3:30pm ENT appointment, and she was going to pack up Faith and take her if they weren't done.

Our next step was to head to the ENT appointment.  We were NOT excited about this appointment which I am sure you can figure out why by looking at the pictures above.  When Dr. Green came into the room and looked at Faith, he said "Oh, this is not good."  It looked worse than the first time he corrected her jaw with a second surgery so you can imagine our very measured response was only the Holy Spirit working through us.  He sent us to have x-rays of the jaw.  As I watched each picture, I tried to figure out what I was looking at because I saw the pins, but not the bone.  There is a good explanation for this...the pins came out of the bone and are floating in the flesh.  So what to do?  Well, this is not nearly as bad as we thought it might be.  We will have to go back for a third surgery which should be fairly simple and should not require any cutting at all.  Dr. Green will reinsert the pins to push the jaw back in place.  When someone breaks their jaw, the muscles pull it out of place which is what has happened with Faith.  Her jaw has been pulled to the left by her muscles...hey, she's just one strong kid.  I am a little surprised the pins aren't actually screws, but that is not how they do it.  He told us that he had one boy push the distractor out of his face with his feet.  He was an infant so he could easily get his feet to his face. :) 

All that said, Faith's second problem should be easy to fix.  We may have to spend one night, but if things go well we could be out of the hospital on the same day.  If not, we will be spending Thursday and part of Good Friday at U of M.  All the things she has had to endure - we would still do this again because it is amazing how she can breathe.  We have had several people talk about how she is more active which she is.  We thank you all for your continued prayers....May the Lord bless you all.

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  1. OK you guys should definitely get a refund this time! Poor little Faith - we will keep up the prayers that God would give her a straight jaw. And we will keep praising Him that she can breathe so much better! And that she is more active! 2 steps forward, 1 step back ... May God give you both strength, patience, and peace.