Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi Everybody... I'm Baaaack

HI - I'm sitting at home eating right now...yes, I have great talent as you can't see me eating.
I absolutely love to play with my sister Hope.  She is so much fun and always takes time with me.
I love to smile, but I have decided to keep this pacifier in my mouth so I can hide my crooked jaw.
Ok, you're boring me now...come on, move along.
Sorry for the slow posting this week.  I have been quite busy in the evening once I arrive at home.  I generally have been taking Faith and helping through the evening.  She has been a handful this week and waking us up a bit during the night.  We are still weaning her from her drug addiction which should be finishing tomorrow so that will wipe out some stuff we have to do for her.  The first 3 days home were busy with the suctioning machine we brought home with us.  I just can't figure out how that little body can produce sooooo much stuff.  The production seems to be slowing dramatically with as we did not have to use the machine much today.

We have a new food to try.  We are hopeful that this food will not produce such an enormous amount of gas.  If we can cut down on the gas, it would be absolutely huge because gas is causing most of her spitting up problem.  We hope to try some foods by mouth once we get the jaw into better alignment and it has healed completely.

The very best part besides having the whole family together...Faith is sleeping so nicely without oxygen or the bipap.  It is so wonderful to watch her sleep.  I will have to get some pictures of her sleeping which most of you can't really appreciate without having seen how she use to sleep with the bipap and stop breathing before that.


  1. I'm so happy you're sleeping well without all that stuff on Faith! I know you're glad to be back home with your brothers and sisters. We miss them when we're at boring hospitals don't we? Maybe you can try avocado to eat - I like it! We're praying for you Faith! Love, Lilly

  2. I love this family, and I love little Faith. So happy she is out of sugery, home and enjoying her sibs. Love you kids.