Sunday, April 17, 2011

Restaurant fun

Faith continues to do well.  As I mentioned, we started a new food for use with her g-tube.  This is real food like chicken, veggies, etc., and it seems to be better with the gas problem.  However, Jesi headed to the rest room as I waited for the table at the front of the restaurant.  Just when Jesi was gone and far enough away, Faith decided that she needed to throw up, and Jesi had our our catch pan along with all the wipes in her purse as we usually do.  So there I stood at the front of the restaurant using my hand to hold the vomit from streaming down her entire front.  The waitress was kind enough to grab a bunch of napkins.  As is Faith's way, she had a huge smile when Jesi brought her back with new clothes.  Oh, did I mention that she also filled her diaper?...likely caused her to throw up.  She is quite the kid, and loves to make herself known wherever she goes.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! They do know how to time things don't they? Lilly is famous for blowing out both ends at once.