Thursday, April 28, 2011


Here we are on a beautiful 45 degree spring day...wait that's only 13 degrees from snow.  Well, I guess I should be thankful that our house is still standing.  That crazy Oklahoma weather made it to the deep south...yikes.  Well, Faith is again fighting off a sickness that seems to be going around the schools.  You would think that we could avoid most of this stuff by homeschooling, but somehow Faith's big sister Grace got sick along with Elijah and likely passed it on to her.  It is amazing how much sickness has been in this house since her surgery, but God said He would raise up a standard.  She is fighting it off, but it certainly has made for some long nights (or should I say short nights of sleeping?).  The suctioning device has gotten a ton of usage since we came home and has come in very handy.  Currently Faith is prone which she will tolerate for a while, but I am guessing not much longer.  It really is a great way to help her get the congestion out so if your kid needs to drain, lay them on their stomach at an angle with the head lower than the feet.

Faith continues to be much more alert at least when she is feeling well.  Her feedings are definitely getting better, but we can't wait until the mucus is all gone because we think much of her spitting up is from too much mucus. 

Faith's jaw distraction is continuing.  She dropped by Dr. Green's office with mom and had a good report on the jaw.  The jaw is still off to the left, but I think it is beginning to move over some.  At some point, it should move back into place when it grows enough because her muscles will begin to operate properly and not pull the jaw to the side.  Well, I think Faith's patience being prone is running out and I must check on her.

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