Friday, April 8, 2011

Resting Comfortably (Day 33)

For a few minutes, we thought they were going to put off the surgery because Faith has still been a little junky in her breathing.  Jesi, quickly thinking, asked them to get a doctor from the PICU to listen to her and see if she sounded good enough since they know her better.  It worked out...he thought she sounded great and told them to continue with surgery so we did.  Faith went through surgery well and is resting nicely right now as I sit and type this.  I am getting ready to lay on this oh so comfortable chair, but hallelujah, Jesi found the sleeping mask to block out light so I should be able to sleep tonight.

Faith is currently intubated because the doctor wanted to wait until a different staff group was here so we are waiting until 8am to remove the tube.  She is doing very well with all of her stats and is not at very high settings on the ventilator so we should be in good shape.  We will start distracting her jaw on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, and if everything is going well, it might be possible for us to leave.  Also I will try to get some pictures up, but having trouble with the speed here at the hospital.  What do you expect from a bunch of slow wolverines?

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