Thursday, April 21, 2011

Believe it...back Home

Picture from last night at the hotel before surgery.  You can see how the jaw juts out and how far the distractor was sticking out from her face near her ear.
Notice the distractor is now much closer to her face and the jaw no longer juts out.  We also ended up with a new steel bar on the right side making the distractor even bigger and heavier.
The pins are in a new spot.  You can see the wound from where the pins were located further down her jaw.
This is a first for us.  Faith had surgery this morning at 8:30, was done by 10am, and is now home with us.  The surgery went extremely well.  Dr. Green thinks her jaw will align better than he was expecting before the pins came out.  God certainly can turn the bad into good.  We will start distracting again on Saturday morning with Dr. Green seeing her again on Tuesday.  I will have to get some video soon because Faith is really doing great this evening and just had the surgery this amazing little child. 

Dinner at Wendy's last night...$10.64, Three surgeries for the same problem...incredibly expensive, One Great God....priceless

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  1. Expensive ministry - right? (I think of that just about every day when I pull more bills for Lilly out of the mailbox.) Faith - what an example you are to others! You've been through so much and yet I can see that little smile in today's 2nd picture. God is with you little one.