Saturday, April 9, 2011

Say Bye Bye Breathing Tube (Day 34)

I woke up this morning at 5 to the nurses working with Faith.  They sprinted her at about 5:20am which means they turned off the ventilator and let her breath through the tube by herself to see how she could do on her own.  She did fabulous so the plan was maintained to remove the tube at 8am.  ENT was late coming up, but they made it and we removed her breathing tube at 8:20am.  It is just after 9am and she is already playing with her hands.  She is a little junky sounding, but doing well.  We are praying that her recovery will be amazing today and by God's grace we can get out of here tomorrow.  We are enjoying listening to her talk to us with her little voice.

Rounds just stopped by us and they are happy with Faith's progress.  We are going to get her feeds moving at 10:30am.  She is still working off the sedatives, but they did not raise them so we are still on course to wean her completely very soon.  Tylenol seems to be enough to take the edge off of any pain.  Let's get rid of these meds and get outta here.


  1. I was so happy to see the surgery went well and now I'm happy to see Faith is off the breathing tube. Thank you God! Praying that you all will be able to take Faith and escape to FREEDOM this weekend!!!

  2. PRAISE THE LORD AND HALLELUJAH! What a wonderful report to read. I have been so concerned about this little Angel. She is fiesty for sure!
    I pray you get her home very soon before she forgets she has one and she can be with her siblings. Yea!

    You rock, Little Faith.
    Thank you, God

    Love and hugs and prayers,
    Lilly's Aunt Shisshy

    Ps keep the blog going