Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIAGNOSIS - Faith is Home

It was late to leave the hospital, but we are home with Faith.  Our procedure was supposed to start at 12:30p today, but did not start until 4:15p.  The best part, no exploratory surgery was needed so she only had the colonoscopy.  GI Doc said there were large blood vessels in her colon which are bleeders.  The one problem...she had quite a few so he doesn't know if it is one of them or several bleeding and he cannot correct it.  If she bleeds again, he can do a flush and go back in with a colonoscopy to see any places bleeding which can then be cauterized.  We are happy to have a diagnosis finally and now we know that our olive oil probably did help her bleeding stop or certainly slow dramatically.  She also had a number of lymph nodules in her intestines which were swollen.  The doc thought it might be from an allergy so we are going to get her tested for allergies.  We had given her some apple cider, and now we think it is possible the cider sparked this if she is allergic to apples like her grandmother is.

Two of the T18 families that we sent to U of M were there so it was like a T18 convention at Mott Children's Hospital.  Mylah is still there recovering well from heart surgery, and Ameir was life-flighted there last night with rsv/pneumonia.  On a very positive note, he seems to be a little better and slowly on his way to recovery.  Please keep both of these very little ones in your prayers.


  1. So glad Faith is home and didn't need surgery! We've been praying for her and will continue. Wow about the T-18 reunion! The dr's and nurses must have been surprised! At least I know they would be where I live. Lilly always caused a sensation when she went to the hospital ... a child with T-18 that was ... LIVING! God bless!

  2. Hi Beautiful Faith, her sister and her family
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Your kids are precious miracles, special gifts, and beautiful princessess They are cute earthly angels. Faith is a smilen champ, inspirational hero, courageous fighter, and a brave warrior. I am so happy she is home and didn't need any surgery. She is in my thoughts and prayers.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease, developmental delays, 14 medical conditions.