Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UPDATE...Lost Lots of Blood just before ER

Faith lost quite a bit of blood just before she arrived at Mott's ER.  She almost definitely will get a transfusion in the morning...I hate that they always wait when we know she needs it.  They have already done an ultrasound and will be scoping her in the morning.  Oh Lord, help the doctors find a cause or see where your healing took place.  It is so strange that this happened once a month for 4 straight months then stopped for 7 months and then wacks us upside the head again.  Faith had cold hands and feet, but she still has pretty good spirits.  By the way, thanks to all those who donate blood...it truly is a lifesaver.


  1. Oh no!! I'm so sad to see this..praying that the Drs can figure this out this time and it will come to a fast halt again...hugs

  2. We will keep praying! Please stay viligent keeping a check on how cold Faith feels! Lilly was cold all over before she tried to die once. Come on Faith - you can get better - AGAIN! Praying for wisdom - and speed - for those doctors! And peace for you all.