Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Headed to ER and likely PICU

It has been since July that I have posted because of computer issues and our busy schedule, but I must post tonight.  Jesi headed to the U of M ER with Faith about 7:45pm this evening.  Faith was in good spirits and seemed to have good energy, but last night I thought there might be some blood in Faith's stool.  Today it was confirmed.  Forgive the details, but there are some parents who may have experienced this or will and might be able to offer suggestions.

Faith's stool was different than the previous times we had blood in her stool.  Last time was way back in February - it is sad when 6-7 months seems like a long time to stay out of the PICU.  So her stool was bloody, but also had some mucus in it which was also bloody.  I changed her diaper right before she left and it looked to be almost pure blood with some mucus in it.

Other than being sick a couple of times Faith has been doing well since our last February blood issue which resolved and had not come back until now.  The only thing we did differently was to give her some pasteurized cider.  Who knows?  We will try to keep you updated and appreciate any and all prayers.

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