Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hospital Stay Continues...

Faith does has a way of drawing a crowd even if it is just her family.
She really love to grab faces and hair...big sister Hope plays along.
She likes to show off her IV, or just yank it out if she can.
Feeling great today...someone want to play ball?
Faith is still in the hospital, but we are expecting to get out tomorrow.  We will see if the surgery was successful in removing the bleeding problem, and we are also hopeful that it will remove some of the pain she has been experiencing during her feedings.  She just starting eating slowing today.  We have been waiting for her intestines to start working again as they stop when they are handled during surgery.  She was quite happy when we left her with Momma at the hospital.  It will be nice to get out.  We think that we were in the hospital during this same weekend last year.  It is amazing the difference between last year and this year.  She is recovering so fast now.  She had surgery on Friday morning, and she was off pain meds by Saturday...I would like to see some of you try that. :)

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  1. Thinking and praying for you and your family Brad.