Friday, November 4, 2011

Ambulance Trip and Hospital

Just when we thought the hospital was a not so fond memory....we're back.  On Wednesday, Faith had another bleeding episode except this time the blood poured out of her intestines quickly and in a fairly significant way.  Jesi had walked to a therapy appointment and hence did not have the van.  She would have just driven to the hospital, but she wisely had them call an ambulance since walking would have taken way too long.  The blood came out in a large enough quantity that it poured out of her diaper and pooled on the floor.

We are now in the hospital and had a test yesterday for Meckel's.  Meckel's can randomly bleed in your small intestines.  The test was negative so the next option became surgery to physically look at the small intestines.  So we opted for the surgery which we had this morning at 9.  The surgeon found a growth on her small intestines and removed it.  Gross, but it was squirting blood so we think it was the culprit.  He was easily able to get it out and close her up without removing a section of intestine which is good.  He also removed her appendix while he was at it so I guess we won't have to worry about any infection there.  He did mention that he has never seen anything like it...surprise, our daughter has something that a doctor has never seen.  Faith is recovering nicely, and we hope to be out of here by Sunday.  We are also hopeful that this could have been the cause of some of her pain while being fed.  By God's grace, we will see a great improvement in her feeding.

On a positive note for Hope (our 5 year old), she had to witness the bloodloss episode, but got to ride in the front seat of the ambulance which she thought was so cool.


  1. Thank you Brad for posting this :) What a difference a day makes. Been praying for you guys since I talked to Jesi yesterday and so glad to see the updates here. Loads of love and of course Big Time Prayin' from Berkley, friends. xo ~Celeste and Co.

  2. Oh. Poor baby! Praying for you all, for a speedy recovery!

  3. Yes I guess Faith was missing a good hospital stay. I pray she is all better now. So glad surgery went smoothly. Sounds like she and Lilly both wanted to show off some blood today!

  4. Our prays for your family...