Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bleeding back...

Well, we were not sure if the surgery was going to fix the intestinal bleeding.  It appears there may be at least another cause for some bleeding.  It is not in the amount that she was experiencing previously so we may have resolved one issue.  She is also fighting a bug that Hope has had for at least a week.  We are having a hard time keeping anything down her so we moved to electrolyte water by way of a slow feed.  We are trying to keep her from dehydration.  If we didn't have the g-tube, Faith would probably be in the hospital, but we are able to handle this issue without their help.

Now it becomes an issue of trying to figure out what is causing this problem.  She has absurd amounts of gas being creating which is the cause of her inability to keep food down.  We need to get her over this sickness and get the food going again.  These bowel troubles have caused her to lose some weight so we really desire an answer for this issue. 

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