Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jesi Smith on Janet Mefferd Show

Jesi was interviewed today by Janet Mefferd on her national Christian radio program.  This program is syndicated by Salem Communications, the company that I work for.  She is out of Dallas and broadcasts on stations across the country.  It was live during the first hour of her show at 1:30pm central time and was broadcast on Faith Talk 1500, my station, at 5:30pm.  The first thing you will hear is a promo that ran overnight and throughout the day on Faith Talk 1500 in Detroit.  This promo was also sent to her stations across the country.  Then the interview plays.  Janet also promoted her interview with Jesi on the front page of her website.

On a totally separate note, Faith has been feeling much better.  When we were doing a high calorie diet, we gave her coconut oil or olive oil.  Jesi decided to include olive oil in her feedings again.  She started very recently and since then Faith seems to have much easier bowel movements.  In fact, her energy level has increased dramatically as well.  She was jumping up and down in her stander the other night.  I should have gotten video of her.  We will see if this continues to work.  The oil never had this effect before, but with the different food, maybe the oil is providing a new result.  We will keep a close watch, but it will make me wish that we had given her the oil sooner if it continues to help her bowels work better.


  1. Great interview Jesi! So glad Faith's story continues to get out to the public. Love that oil! I still have Lilly's last jar of coconut oil. :)

  2. I enjoyed listening to the interview! You articulated your story well, Jesi! Faith is indeed a gift from God...what a precious gift He gave you!!! Your daughter Grace and I are friends on FB. I can tell you have done a wonderful job raising Grace!

    I love using coconut oil...for increased energy! It was suggested to me after surviving serious pneumonia and complications. I was recently told that safflower oil has tremendous health benefits for the heart and immune system, so I'm going to try that as soon as I get to the health food store : )

    I'm praying for Faith and your family! God bless you!!!